December – the last month of a year is also the month that brings the most emotions to everyone… It is the hustle and bustle of an old year that is about to pass, mixed with joy and excitement when welcoming a new year that is coming. .

According to astrologers, December is the month of convergence of "Stars" throughout the year, so people born at this time often have a lovely appearance, they are very intelligent, friendly, always sincere. In all relationships, it is understandable that people love and admire them. More specifically, they are very assertive and always believe in their choices. That means, when they set a goal for themselves, they will try to do it to the end and won't back down.

The year 2021 is a special and very difficult year for all of us, the Covid 19 epidemic has taken a heavy toll on all aspects of social life. But with the spirit of solidarity, consistency and persistence, Ha Thanh Group has chosen for itself a different direction, ready to "Go against the wind" to overcome challenges and breakthroughs to succeed.
The Board of Directors and the Trade Union of Ha Thanh Concrete Joint Stock Company very much appreciate the efforts and efforts of all brothers and sisters in the past year and thank you - members of the great family. Ha Thanh has always accompanied and nurtured the Ha Thanh common house to grow stronger and stronger. Wishing all of you, a new age, always young, healthy, happy, steady in the face of all difficulties and challenges to reach success!

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