​On April 21, 2022, Ha Thanh Group officially signed a contract to export the first batch of Porcelain bricks to Cambodia with a total order value of over 100,000 USD. This is Ha Thanh's export order of "opening" Porcelain bricks to foreign markets.

Reaching out with Porcelain Ha Thanh Brick

Always boldly changing and daring to spend hundreds of billions of dong investing in technology, designs, ceramic and Porcelain tile product lines under the Ha Thanh brand, now has a certain position in the Vietnamese market. Only from the beginning of 2022 until now, Ha Thanh Group has distributed to the market over 5 million/m2/product with a total value of over 500 billion VND.

  • The shipment of Porcelain bricks to Cambodia market is not only a big step for Ha Thanh but also a goal that Ha Thanh Group has determined towards and long-term implementation, throughout the journey of construction and development.
  • According to Mr. Nguyen Duc Ha - General Director of Ha Thanh Group: "Cambodia is a new potential market with a large import turnover of construction materials in Asia. After a period of careful evaluation of many Porcelain brick manufacturers in Vietnam, the Cambodian partner trusted Ha Thanh to be the supplier of bricks.

The first export order to Cambodia is just the beginning, Ha Thanh hopes to have more large orders and will export 20-30% of the factory's output abroad each year. And the good thing is, after 2 years of operating the ceramic tile factory in Dong Thap, Ha Thanh is one of the few brick suppliers with the number of orders "insufficient supply and demand" in the Western market. Southern. What makes Ha Thanh successful in this very demanding segment is thanks to technological innovation and continuous reinvestment to have unique products with pioneering quality...

Investing in Porcelian bricks - Ha Thanh Group's strategy to goldize assets

Inheriting and promoting the achievements after more than 2 decades of development, the Board of Directors of Ha Thanh Group has been building and maintaining the brand name of a reputable building material supplier in the market and the ceramic tile factory. Ha Thanh is a typical example, following the success of Ha Thanh in recent years.

The special feature that makes Ha Thanh Ceramic Tile brand is inheriting and developing the most advanced technologies in the world, Ha Thanh continues to affirm its position with Porcelian ceramic tile product lines with many advantages. Outstanding point in high durability, good bearing capacity, product surface is glossy enamel, helping to enhance the beauty of luxury and class for all constructions.

With the prestige and quality of products, Ha Thanh has been implementing the aspiration to make Ha Thanh's products as good as the quality of foreign goods, meeting the increasing consumer tastes of the Vietnamese people. South and reach out to the international market.

In order for the product "Ha Thanh ceramic tile - Vietnamese branded product" to be exported and bring back dollars for the country, Ha Thanh Group has been making continuous efforts to innovate technology, focusing on the aesthetics and quality of the product to conquer all the strictest requirements of domestic and international customers. With what has been done, Ha Thanh Group is completely confident to make a difference.

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